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Wine Health Benefits

Drinking wine has been reported to have numerous health benefits; from lowering the risk for upper digestive tract cancer, although research studies shown that alcohol consumption will increase the risk of upper digestive tract cancers. But scientists in Denmark say the opposite.

They believe that during previous studies on the health benefits of drinking wine, they did not study data for specific types of beverages e.g. wine and didn’t differentiate between use and abuse.

The study was not carried out in the usual ways, over many years the Danish researchers studied cases of mouth and throat cancers among 25,000 Danes. They found that heavy drinkers were 12 times more immune to these cancers compared with thoseWine Health Benefits who do not drink. Among drinkers whose intake of alchohol was one third wines were at slightly lower risk than non-drinkers for these cancers. “A moderate intake of wine probably does not increase the risk of upper digestive tract cancer.” They speculate that compounds found in wine, may exert powerful effects that protect against any cancer-causing effects of alcohol.

Another health benefit of red wine has recently been found - fighting off the common cold. According to European scientists, drinking red wine, stops people from developing colds. Something in wine seems to have a protective effect because the same was not seen with beer and spirits. The evidence comes from a year long study of over 3500 happy volunteers.

It was found that those who drank two glasses of red wine a day or more had over 40% fewer colds than those who did not partake in the wine. Red wine has been linked with numerous health benefits, such as lowering the rate of heart disease. The ability of red wine to ward off colds may be due to its antioxidant properties. It seems like a good reason to have that glass of wine!!

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